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Is it still growing?

Hi there,
I had a FUE on 28th of april 2019, so it’s been almost 9 months by now. I can’t really tell you the amount of grafts but the doctors promised me that it will be enough grafts to get an appropriate density. Unfortunately, I still have bald areas on top of the head/ crown (see attached fotos for results directly after the OP, 3 months post-OP and today). Is it still growing? What is your experience with this area? Can I still expect that it will be covered?


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Well I think the surgeon might the grafts that you are looking to have it might be the due to the amount that you had given him would be less as you wanting your hair to be dense …

You think so? I mean the density of areas around the bald region is okay. It’s just that the crown area still didn’t grow, but hair follicles were implanted as you can see on the foto. My question is now if it is likely that hair in the crown area will begin to grow, even after 9 months post-OP?

The attached foto shows my situation one month before the HT.