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Is hair transplant permanent solution for baldness?


The recovery time after a hair transplant is fairly short. After about a week, you can return to normal activities. The transplanted hairs will shed over time, but new hair will grow in its place from the transplanted follicles. Hair transplants can be a permanent solution to your hair loss problem.


Actually, it really is. I’ve tried one back there in Turkey https://bookimed.com/clinics/country=turkey/procedure=hair-transplant/ was bold like a bold eagle, now i’m having CR7 hairstyle lol.


Yes, it is permanent here is my picture 2 years in. Here is my hair transplant from megahair trans32


Hair Transplant in the newest treatment for hair loss and baldness problems. So i say yes to hair transplant for permanent solution for hair loss and baldness coz its easy , effective and quick responding treatment and one of the best and low cost treatment. And after hair transplnt you will get the natural hairs.