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Is Folica\'s WNT signalling safe or not?


I’ve already been considering a run at topical Lithium on wounded skin, and now this talk about Folica and 3-stage trials has me thinking:

What kind of risk does the WNT-jacking pose, either with home-brewed lithium and/or whatever drug Folica might use in its place? It seems like this issue is THE one & only thing that could pose a real safety threat to Folica’s method.

There seems to be a debate about the safety of WNT-signal-boosting by itself already, let alone when it’s paired with the EGF-R suppression that Folica is primarily doing. (The implication being that these two actions have a synergistic effect with paired each other.)

Do we have any rough idea about the risk? Any guesses?


I’ve heard that if you overdo it you can grow bening skin tumours. But thats just a rumour. I have not studied it myself