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Is adding Nizoral shampoo of benefit if using Dutas/Minoxidil?


If taking one 0.5mg Dutas and applying 5% Minoxidil daily would it make much difference if I was not using Nizoral shampoo?

If I thought it might be an extra advantage then I might try it, but since I’m already taking Dutas and applying 5% Minox maybe the shampoo wouldn’t be of much extra benefit?

If it doesn’t provide much extra benefit it would save me the further expense! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Anyone know? :lookaround:


Nizoral shampoo is a minor antiandrogen and anyway proves rather detrimental in many cases like mine. Nizoral cream is said to be worth a shot. But it is negligible in comparison with dutas.


Thanks brm



has hydrochloric acid in it, which the Cream does not…it only stays on your head for what? 30 seconds? it drys your hair so bad you would think you want to shave it off,

I highly recommend the cream instead of the shampoo, the 2percent cream