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Is a hair transplant permanent?


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So, we often get questions from patients and one of them is - if getting a hair transplant has permanent results.

With every case, results are expected to be long-lasting and usually is life-long.

But there are factors that can affect the longevity of the hair follicles.

Things such as chemotherapy, trauma or even internal factors such as having diabetes can affect the results.

Remember that every case is different, so be sure to talk to your hair physician about what you can do to achieve the best results.

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YES!! It is one of the most permanent thing’s you can ever do!!!


It’s certainly permanent in the sense that your scalp will never be the same.

There’s evidence that the so-called “permanent donor area” isn’t actually permanent on every patient. So some guys’ transplanted hair can still fall out, later in life. Look at the donor areas on gentlemen over the age of 50, and you will see that many men do lose hair in the “permanent” zone.


OH how so true arfy, I’m losing hair that was taking from my donor area all
of the time. My transplants that were done by Bosley and in Pittsburgh were
placed straight up, so when I get new grafts put in they cannot be put in at
proper angles. It is Always something especially when you got butchered from
the start!!!


The lower 3/4 of my donor area miniaturised - but I am not young and I am a NW7 - so yes it can definitely happen if your hair loss is severe.