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Introductry Hair Transplant course


Dear readers,
We are pleased to announce introductory course to Hair Transplant.
Course fee - INR 25,000/- only.
(limited seats only)
Email: contact@fusehair.com
Toll Free No. 1800112343


Hi doctor,
This is very nice video. Is this course only for doctors or layman can enroll this course. I’m so much interested if this course also for non doctor people like me. Please let me know how can I take enroll for this course.


It is going to be an online course in the form of a webinar which will include all the details of hair transplant surgery as performed by us.
It will show correct graft estimation, hairline designing according to patient’s face type.
It will show the correct way of making recipient slits, grafts extraction by FUSE and how to take out a FUHT strip and close it.

It will teach about the safe donor area and will also show how to extract grafts from the scalp, beard, chest, leg etc., by the FUSE technique (including the expanding needle concept).

It will also show instruments (till now not available outside our clinic), that we use so that grafts can be extracted even from the cheek and eyebrow without visible scarring.

It will include not only people from different ethnicities, but will also show grafts placement in between long hairs.

This course is open for all doctors, as well as laymen. Laymen will benefit by knowing the correct methods of hair transplant.

Thereafter, doctors and technicians who wish to learn hands on, can visit us and learn in person.