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Intercytex patent... coincedental?

Hello, I’m new here, have lurked for a while and feel that I needed to put forward a response to Intercytex new patent i.e. developing hair in vitro.

Firstly though, a big thank you to the person(s) who initiated and managers this board, well done!!
Secondly, a big thank you to All the posters (and visitors) who utilise this board and provide information, views, feedback and opinions…you guys offer a wealth of info.
I have benefited from what has been presented by you chaps on this board….thank you all again….I utilise Propecia and Devine Skin Labs for minox and shampoo.
I have just celebrated my 49th birthday and reached a NW6 level by the age of 22/23 and my dear old dad 87yrs young still has every hair he was born with (full headed)…no sign of premature h/loss on either side of the tree…a very few relies went in their late 60’s and slightly.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, HM is working and will work, the science works.
All the science we take trust in and use every moment of our lives was developed due to the criteria of: validation (i.e. results of intent) and reproducibility (i.e. consistency of outcome)…Intercytex has this happening.
The UK government does not give you a grant of millions of pounds (as was granted to Intercytex) if you have flaky science.

Coincidental, that Intercytex has a patent now for singular developed hairs….maybe not??
If you recall, HM has limitations when it comes to be building the h/line.
Well… now, Intercytex will have these in vitro developed singular hairs to complete the process…complete rebuild via Intercytex technology. With the intervention of the HT surgeon to utilise the singular hair for the h/line and touch ups.

I’m pleased with Intercytex latest results….Take into account that multiple administration of the process can be performed.
The gain achieved is relevant to the hair count when the process is performed i.e. after each procedure the gain is dependant on compounded results (from prior procedures in the same area) and would not be linear…ie Intercytex quoted gains in % EG Assume 10% gain, constant: after 1st pass we have +10% gain, after 2nd pass we have +10% gain on the initial hair count +10% gain from the 1st pass and so on……
Why should it be too costly? Cultured cells are being nurtured all over the world in labs everywhere…granted, the Intercytex process has more to it, scaffold/matrix etc…injections are an every day occurrence as well.
Plus the recipient will be a walking advert for the procedure and Intercytex are looking for a large number of takers to use their procedure. Because, they would be utilising a lot of resources in getting this procedure up and running.
It would not be in Intercytex’s best interest to have the procedure so expensive that recipients could only afford to have 2 procedures when they really require 4….and were out and about “half done”.

Lastly a big thank you to all those past, present and future companies that undertake research to try and unravel the complex nature/process of h/loss and baldness and attempt to provide solutions…well done to you all!!
When my h/loss started there was SWEET BUGGER ALL available.

Nice meeting you chaps…


a sensible man, always great to have another who allows reason and evidence and common sense assist his thought processes.

we aren’t crazy my friends, HM is lurching towards us, a little at a time, as the science gets refined further and further----the evidence is overwhelming. All these super-smart scientist aren’t in a lab doing a circle jerk for fun, they are wanting to cure baldness for THEMSELVES. Kemp and Washenik, and Stenn all have some hairloss personally. They will no doubt want HM for for themselves or their sons.

Hi Q, welcome to the forum. Yes, HM is coming. It’s a truism that experts usually overestimate while non-experts underestimate the time it takes for technology to develop. But it’s coming sooner rather than later. Everyone who is balding should be thankful for Aderans, Intercytex, Follica, Shishedo, et al. for working on curing baldness. Best, BB

Hi to both of you…Benji, BB.
Yes ICX will do its thing…and the new patent has got me very interested, hence my post.
The complete process can now be accomplished…HM for crown/vertex etc and the h/line can now be rebuilt via the in vitro technique.
If you had the process as you want you would not bother taking on more (ie patent etc)…but if it is to compliment what you are already involved with then of you would go…

The science is sound…I come from an R&D background (electronics) and have worked in Biomed engineering field for 5odd years.
And the way you do science with a prospecive outcome is how ICX is approaching the task.

Regards to you all,

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