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Intercytex controls sensible of the hair. NOT WE WILL NEED HT FOR FINE LINE?


A growing hair follicle will not necessarily automatically orientate itself properly. According to the invention the inductive dermal sheath cells and/or inductive dermal papilla cells may be delivered in a track (or channel) formed by the controlled delivery device and oriented towards an outer surface. The track may be contiguous with the host epidermis. A track provides a pathway which allows a nascent hair follicle to grow in the correct direction towards the surface of the skin and connect with the surface epidermis surrounding the track. In addition, the angle of the track can be varied, allowing the nascent hair follicle to grow at an appropriate angle relative to the outer surface. This achieves a good cosmetic result because hair follicles grow at different angles in different regions of the scalp and a more robust hair follicle. In one embodiment, the controlled delivery device used to generate the track has a needle with blunt end and an orifice on the lateral side near the tip (for example, an orifice approximately 0.5 mm from the tip), allowing cells to be implanted along the needle track.


Which patent is that from ??


ยป Which patent is that from ??