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Institute of Hair (Long Hair Manuel Fue)


Long Hair Fue is a process which done by manual fue method using special punches without shaving the hair

This technique allows us to perform operations without shaving your hair and provides the opportunity to see the results -which can normally be seen in one year- immediately.

Within a month, the long hair transplanted will go into the process of shedding in the same way as in all the hair transplantation operations, but any hard transition of your appearance and image will be prevented

Then, as in normal hair transplant operations, hair continues in the normal growth period.

For this method, the right patient, the right technique and the right team preference are very important.

Unshaven hair transplantation is a method that requires care and takes more time than normal hair transplant operations. Before deciding such a procedure, it is necessary to investigate the procedure in detail and learn whether the patient is appropriate for the method.

This method is more preferred in cases of densification, scar closure and small area operations.