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Increased hairfall in Covid 19 pandemic - facts to remember

Increase in hairfall in Covid 19 pandemic - facts

It may quite likely be true that coronavirus itself does not cause increase in hairfall.
Moreover, we can not blame lockdown or stress to this increase in hairfall.
If anything people have become more meticulous in terms of hygiene and hand washing.

However, one of the factors that may be getting overlooked is your soap.

Using chemical laden, harmful cleansers should be avoided as these chemicals (SLS, SLES, parabens etc.) are known to be harmful for body in general and hair in particular.

We advise people suffering premature/heavy hairfall, to first check their body cleansers and replace them with non toxic ones.
These are not difficult to find and should be incorporated in our daily use routine as well as post HT.

Over the past 3 years, we have included this skin hair detox regime (even post hair transplant) with great success in slowing down active hairfall without use of medicines.

Please ask for SLS/SLES free body care use products (including toothpaste).
Companies like LiveNatural, Forest essentials, Biotique etc., are just a few names.

Please post in the comment section regarding which soap or shampoo you use in case you do not know its SLS/SLES free.
Remember to post a clear picture of the ingredients written on the box/bottle.
Dr. A

This was very educational thanku

Thanks sir, really informational.

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