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If you had to bet on the best upcoming treatment


If you had to bet on the best upcoming treatment, what would it be and when would you predict it will be made available?

I’m also curious if you think anything that is currently in the works will be an actual CURE (defined in this case as offering a full head of hair through one means or another) and when you would predict it will be made available.


In my opinion, it’s Sammumed. “If” they initiate a phase III then that will be the most positive thing to happen in Hairloss research since minox/prop. I would say that if all goes well, it could be available around the 2019/2020 time frame.

Replicel is probably the next closest, but, i honestly think it’s garbage and has little chance of succeeding. Their desperation to branch out into other therapeutic areas (tendon injuries, skin repair) while simultaneously delaying starting phase II, repeatedly, leads to one to a not so promising outlook for their hair treatment. 2015 is up and they haven’t even started on a trial that was supposed to take place a long long time ago. We’ve yet to see even one photo of hair grown on a human head from them.

Pilofocus will be the next positive step forward for hairloss sufferers. Albeit a very small, tiny step forward. But, in this pitiful, treatment starved industry, any crumb will do. Would think in another 2 years this could be available with a very select few Drs.


Shiseido and Samumed

  1. Sanford-Burnham

  2. Shiseido

  3. Possibly JAK inhibitors


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by roger_that[/postedby]
1. Sanford-Burnham

  1. Shiseido

  2. Possibly JAK inhibitors[/quote]

You indicated Sanford -Burnham for #1 and then Shiseido for #2 but aren’t they really the same thing - iPS cells???

Also, I see you made no mention of Samumed’s SM04554 and I think that you’re probably wrong about that treatment. We’ll know which of us is right in a few months.


Sanford-Burnham’s research was done using fetal/foreskin derived pluripotent stem cells, though their paper says iPS cells could also be used. I believe Shiseido says they will be using iPS cells.

My main concern with Samumed is that, for FDA safety compliance reasons, they may be forced into a protocol which calls for very infrequent doses, which ends up being below the threshold to be an impressively effective drug.



I just heard two interviews a certain radio show host had with Replicel and Histogen people.

Both interviews are very recent (one made just a couple days ago).

Based on those interviews, both replicel and histogen sound promising. Possibly replicel hoping to be approved for treatment and released in Japan possibly as soon as 3 years.

One of the reasons, or maybe the only reason, for a what seems a poor response to one injection, seems
to have to do with the injection coinciding with a given hair follicle being in
a certain stage of its growth cycle.

So, since only a percentage of follicles are in that stage at any given time, only those follicles would respond to an injection.

This means that repeated injections spaced weeks or month apart, should catch more follicles in the right stage, and so benefit those.

Seems the reason both repplicel and histogen went dark on us, was because of the lawsuit that histogen only won in erly 2014–no one would invest in funding them when there was uncertainty over whether or not they owned the patent. In the case of replicel, the culture medium they were using was discontinued by the manufacturer. It took some time for them to get the recipe from the company that discontinued it, and then they stil had to experiment with getting the medium custom made.

So both replicel and histogen are back on track, and they both sound like very promising treatments (not cures).

But I think it’s most likely to help people who still have at least vellus hairs. I’m not sure eithr treatment would resurrect totally dead follicles. But I am not certain about that.

Replicel, for example, would probably have to be injected every few years, as the bald area widens, to get those follicles that quit growing at the periphery of horseshoe bald area as the area expands. No big deal as far as I’m concerned.

Both sound great and might even be able to benefit me.

If the next trials go well, Replicel might be available in Japan in 2 or 3 years. I think it was Histogen that is also exploring release in Japan, Mexico, and Turkey, for medical tourism. This is because the USA takes longer because of regulations.

One picture of a guy in the trial under Histogen trials conducted in the USA under Ziering, showed pretty impressive results in an overhead before and after photo. The guy was still in the early stage of balding, but about a third of his scalp was visable through his hair. After the trial, maybe only 5 or 10% of his scalp was visible.

All exciting stuff.


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by roger_that[/postedby]
1. Sanford-Burnham

Interesting alternate research from two years ago: