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If human hair can grow on human skin on mice

why not just take it off the mice and transplant it onto human heads?

well they’re already splicing rat genes into lettuce to unlock it’s vitamin C production… so yeah why not wear a rat when you’re already eating them.


» why not just take it off the mice and transplant it onto human heads?

Experiments have found that vellus hairs on MPB men’s heads can be moved to mice and regrow comparitively well…but there is no reason not to think that they would not re-miniaturize when back on a human scalp

Follica had obtained discarded human scalp from a strip-scar transplant patient, surgically grafted it onto a mouse and dermabrated it…and new hairs grew on it. All the previous hair had been removed from it during the hair transplant…and the new hair that grew was human hair.

Mice dont live very long, but I suppose if someone was willing to get a big strip scar transplant and remove a piece of flesh the size of a bannana out of the back of their head and move it to several SCID mice, they could have new hair “made” on the skin in this way. The thing is the mice would have to have the skin removed from their backs and moved onto newer and younger mice to do the process for the same man --AGAIN–because these mice dont live very long. Mice are small creatures, a stip of flesh this large would probably take 4 or 5 mice for the first surgery. If it could be done twice before the mice got “old”, that might be all a man would need----but maybe not. So four or five new mice might have to be found.

Could it be done? yes

Will it be done? HELL FUKKING NO. ANIMAL RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS WOULD HAVE A FIELD DAY ABOUT THIS. I even feel its unethical and I want my temples refilled as much as anyone. It will never happen, so its a moot point.

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