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Icx-Trc works by forming new follicles after all?


I found a new document that I havent seen been discussed:


It is dated may 2007. I found one thing that could be of interest and further speculation (we all love to speculate lol)

"Following expansion of the dermal papilla cells they are micro-injected into the desired area of the scalp, with the
intention that over the next six to twelve months hair regrows from new follicles formed by the injected cells.


I don’t know where people got the idea that ICX-TRC was only about rejuvenation of miniaturized follicles.

ICX-TRC is about BOTH follicular neogenesis (creation of new follicles) and re-enlargement of miniaturized follicles (“rejuvenation” as some people call it).

I have been saying this all along… and lots of people just weren’t listening…


Yes, and Paul Kemp has been saying this for a while – there will be new hairs and strengthening of existing hairs. And while we’re at it I might as well add that they’ve also been saying it will be an adjunct with a HT for the front hairline.

» I have been saying this all along… and lots of people just weren’t
» listening…


A phase I trial has been completed in seven volunteers. No safety issues arose and five of the seven patients
showed increased hair numbers. A phase II study in male pattern baldness has commenced and recruitment
of the first cohort has been completed, with results expected to be announced in the second half of 2007.

This sounds good news,hopefully they’ll keep to it,if they say it enough!