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I thought about a few things!


Just wanna shares a few things I thought with you and I’d be good to have your advise.

Since a few weeks, the proto-hair gets a lot of attention.

We all know that ICX-SKN is well tolerate and works damn good. Imagine if they would transplant a lot ( thousand ) of proto-hair on a sheet 8" by 11" of ICX-SKN. This would translate as a piece of skin with many hairs if you wait enough time to let the proto-hair become real hair

Then it would be easy for a HT surgeon to do a fue using the real hair on the sheet 8" by 11" of skin… The success ration would be pretty good.

What do you think??? :wink:


Ive been saying something like this for three years. Just put the HM hairs in a man’s thigh or thighs. When they “mature”, FUE them out and put them on his head. It can be done over and over. Hell, they could use my lower back. Whats one year of keeping your shirt on for a full head of hair? Nada…