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I need to determine the problem before I find a solution


I have been trying to figure out why I have been losing my hair for the past 6 years. No one has given me any kind of answer that I can actually use. Every expert I go to tells me that my hair loss is genetic and to take Propecia or Rogaine.

But I have heard there are different kinds of hair loss. I have been trying to find a way to figure out what the cause of my hair loss is so I can buy the right products to help my problem.

Through my search, I have been referred to a website www.hairlossanalysis.com

It is supposed to help determine what the causes of your hair loss are. I guess once you know what your problem is, you can find a proper product to fight your hair loss more effectively.

I would like to know if anyone has heard of this site or has done the test. I am thinking about it but i am not sure if it is worth the money. Can anyone share their experience?



The vast majority of hair loss really IS plain old genetic male-pattern baldness. If you’ve been told that repeatedly by doctors then maybe that’s what it is.

Do you have a specific reason to think MPB is not what is happening to you?