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I have SIGNIFICANTLY slowed my hairloss


I am NOT trying to sell anyone ANYTHING. Search my name and read my posts I have been on sproradically for a LONG time chiming in every now and then. For 15 years my hair has steadily been diffusely thinning. And I have ALWAYS been focused on one thing - getting a healthy itch free scalp. And one thing stopped it for me - Ibuprofen Gel. Can’t buy it in US but can in Europe.

First - I have been suffering from aggravated scalp and irritation and redness and itchiness and an inflamed scalp and flaky build up FOREVER it seems like. So if you think that is a MAJOR factor in your hairloss this might help - if not, then it probably won’t help.

I am sure the DHT causes the immunal response and then I get an aggravated scalp and so forth - kind of a chicken or the egg. So for years all I have been trying to do is get a healthy scalp - not fin, dut, min, SP etc - though I have tried them and EVERYTHING else. But my f’ing scalp would still itch. I would still have build up (I mean within 2 hours of washing it and getting out of the shower). I would put on min or spiro and then bam - build up and flakes.

I tried EVERY topical you can imagine - RU, Fluridil, corticosteroids, steroid shampoos, keto foam, Niz, tar shampoo, spiro, azelaic acid worked ok for me, baking soda, piroctone olamine shampoo, aspirin on the scalp - my main goal wasn’t eliminate DHT with dut or fin or RU - but just get a good healthy itch free scalp.

The only thing that did the trick was Ibuprofen gel - a NSAID (Non Steroid Anti Inflammatory). The key words being ANTI INFLAMMATORY. If you are losing your hair (why else would you be here) and your scalp is inflamed and itchy - you HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO try it. Remember, everyones hair loss is different and you have to try different products to see what works, and for me the anti inflammatory nature of ibufrofen gel seems to be doing the trick.



are you sure you don’t have psoriasis?