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I don't think Replicel or Shiseido will work


The Replicel study results people talk about are about 5 years old. And the treatment was in clinical testing before that. This means that treatment is well over 5 years old. So if their cell-based treatment works that would mean that they alone figured out a solution to the inductivity problem well over 5 years ago and for some reason they’ve been keeping that fact a secret.

I really don’t think so.

Replicel is old. I think that Replicel is part of the old wave that included Intercytex and Aderans, from back before the scientific community figured out that they have to take the inductivity problem seriously.

When Aderans and Intercytex failed they didn’t go down easy. They resisted going under but ultimately they went under. I think Replicel is going to do the same thing for the same reason - cellular loss of inductivity during culture.


@jarjarbinx i’m with you on all points.


One caveat though Roger - I seem to recall reading somewhere that Shiseido made some changes to Replicel’s technology.

While there was no known fix to the inductivity problem 5+ years ago (when Replicel was putting its’ treatment invention together) some new ideas in that regard came to light in the past year or two. Perhaps Shiseido incorporated one of these ideas into the treatment they’re testing in Asia. I really doubt it though.


If Shiseido incorporates new technology into the protocol, I doubt they will share the new technology with Replicel. Bad news for people who don’t plan on flying to Asia for this.


But if Shiseido did add recent knowledge/technology to reduce the inductivity loss problem at least we’d have a chance to get an effective treatment if were willing to fly to Asia. If they didn’t add said technology then their treatment has no chance of working, and we would have no chance of getting an effective treatment in 2018.