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Human Fibroblast growth factor-14 polypeptide and DNA(RNA)


link: http://www.patentstorm.us/patents/7338934-fulltext.html


"Disclosed is a human Fibroblast growth factor-14 polypeptide and DNA(RNA) encoding such polypeptide. Also provided is a procedure for producing such polypeptide by recombinant techniques. Also disclosed are methods for utilizing such polypeptide for promoting wound healing for example as a result of burns and ulcers, to prevent neuronal damage due to associated with stroke and promote neuronal growth, and to prevent skin aging and hair loss, to stimulate angiogenesis, mesodermal induction in early embryos and limb regeneration. Antagonists against such polypeptides and their use as a therapeutic to prevent abnormal cellular proliferation, hyper-vascular diseases and epithelial lens cell proliferation are also disclosed. Diagnostic methods for detecting mutations in the coding sequence and alterations in the concentration of the polypeptides in a sample derived from a host are also disclosed. "

“…The FGF-14 polypeptide may also be employed for preventing hair loss, since FGF family members activate hair-forming cells and promotes melanocyte growth.”

"…The engineered fibroblasts are then injected into the host, either alone or after having been grown to confluence on cytodex 3 microcarrier beads. The fibroblasts now produce the protein product. "


More fancy sounding crap we will never see come to fruition within our live time.