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Human brain grown in lab


Nearly complete human brain grown in US lab:

“It not only looks like the developing brain, its diverse cell types express nearly all genes like a brain,” Anand said.

"Around the size of a pea, the brain in a lab dish includes multiple cell types, all major regions of the brain and a spinal cord, but lacks a vascular system, the university said.

“It was grown from human skin cells”: http://news.yahoo.com/nearly-complete-human-brain-grown-us-lab-scientist-143316655.html


[Just kidding]
Everybody knows that the brain is a much simpler organ than hair.

Once brains are normally grown in labs it will take just 200 hunderd years hairs to grow hair in labs (maybe) and in another 200 (maybe 300) hundred years hair loss will be cured at last.

Just hang in there meanwhile
[/Just kidding]


the brain is the size of a pea, which is equivalent to the minuscule hair follicles grown to Aderans and co, so i’d say the technologies are on-par :slight_smile:


I wish someone would grow a brain that can figure out how to cure hair loss. :wink: