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Huge crown: FUE 3400 grafts - Video - Prohairclinic


This patient had been hiding his balding crown for the last 8 years.

Crown hair transplantation is technically very challenging. The crown usually has 1 or even 2 swirls that need to be reconstructed in a natural way.
Density is very hard to achieve since the angle of the crown towards the eye is such that a lot of skin reflection is visible. It would take tremendous amounts of grafts to fully close large crowns, depleting most of the patients donor reserves. Therefore we opt to enhance the crown with a good density, however leaving the patient with sufficient donor supply should he need more grafts in other area’s.

At Prohairclinic Belgium we have 10 years of FUE experience. Our team consists of FULL TIME experts that perform FUE hair restoration day after day since 2004.


That’s a big area for sure but it’s a nice final outcome. Well done.


As it happens so often, the after pics/video does a poor job documentating the improvement.

Lighting should be improved a lot to show the result.