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» I can understand the concern some have of an ‘island’ appearance resulting
» from HT, but a continuing loss of original hair. Nevertheless, in my mind,
» I don’t imagine that my remaining hair will shed completely in the next 4-5
» years. If I were to keep it as it is then that is 4-5 years of being fairly
» self-conscious of my appearance. However, an HT plus the use of some
» cover-up products (toppik and kerasome) will help me maintain the illusion
» of decent hair. I am presuming then that after 4-5 years I will be able to
» access HM or more sophisticated HT techniques.
» Also, as far as the strip scar is concerned. I don’t believe a pencil thin
» scar on the back of my head will be of much concern to me given that I have
» a nice long scar on my forehead, which doesn’t bother me.
» Thanks to everyone that’s posted their advice to me.