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HS-Repair 121 | The Hairsmith Clinic | NW Stage 3a | 07 Months Result- Part 1

NW Stage 3a
Total Grafts: 2914 grafts by Adv FUE
All Scalp
Area covered - Front

Description:- Patient has got hair transplant procedure from one of the renowned clinic but he was not satisfied with the final results. After multiple visits to our clinic, he got the courage to go for the procedure again after 2 years of 1st session of 2500-3000 grafts for the frontal area.

Before Pictures

DONOR AREA SCAR by the so-called FUE Technique by previous clinic

After Seven Months Update

After 07 Months Hair Transplant Results (C)  from The Hairsmith Clinic

Comparison Picture

Please go through the link below for detailed info on this case.

Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance.
Dr. Hairsmith

To Be Continued…

HS-Repair 121 | The Hairsmith Clinic | NW Stage 3a | 07 Months Result- Part 1


Comparison picture of the Advance FUE Technique by The Hairsmith Clinic and FUE DONOR SCAR by other clinics’ so-called FUE method.

The punch size and the technique used by The Hairsmith clinic is so ULTRA PRO :sunglasses: (clearly visible in the picture- 12 hours post-operative) as compared to other clinics’ techniques which leave no visible scar on the donor site and also do not damage the adjacent grafts while extraction.

Benefits of this technique:-

  1. No VISIBLE scars on the donor area which helps the patient to keep his hair short from the sides post-operative.
  2. DO NOT DAMAGE the adjacent grafts which extraction.
  3. Quick HEALING and fastest recovery rate as the incision size is very precise.
  4. Get more grafts from the donor area
  5. Can be used for beard and body hair (Though we have another finest one for this :blush:)

Please feel free to contact us for any assistance.

Dr. Hairsmith

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