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How to lead a toxin free natural healthy lifestyle- Dr. A's Clinic


Dear Friends,

I have made an endeavour to share knowledge that I gleaned over the years to help lead a more toxin free, healthy natural lifestyle.

I am taking liberty to use FORUM as a mode of sharing it.
Should you find it irrelevant, please skip it.
Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

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Have a happy life,
Dr. A and
Dr. A’s Clinic team

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The focus will be on hair and scalp. A lot of young people ask why they are getting bald at young age when their parents got bald at a much older age.
Others ask if they can in some way slow down or halt their further hairloss.
For that you have to understand about the toxins entering your body.


Most people do not know how to read the ingredients in soap and shampoos etc.



Let us play a QUIZ CONTEST open for all.
Above you will find images of the ingredients from your daily use products.
What you are required to do is just FIND OUT the correct name of the product by identifying your daily use ingredients.

Hint : Bathsoap, Detergent, Floor Cleanser, Hand Cleanser, Shampoos, Mouthwash.


@Dr_Arvind @Dr_A_s_Clinic I would like to think that I know my shampoos, label B = shampoo.


E = mouthwash,
B = shampoo
the rest are all household cleaners whether it be soap, detergent,


Am really really really not interested in your app. Don’t see the point why I need to go the extra steps to download and install an app when I can get the same contents easily on my phone’s browser.

This quizz is also kind of lame and meaningless, Sorbitol is an artificial oral sweetner so E is most likely the label for mouthwash as others have correctly pointed out. Most shampoos contain plant extracts so B is most likely the label for shampoos, that being said, some hand soap nowadays also claim to contain plant extracts as well as a natural moisturizer.

SLS or most types of lauryl sulfate are harsh chemicals that are commonly found in detergents, soaps and very often shampoos as well. It is not unusual to see shampoos containing the same ingredients as floor cleaner or detergent , it really depends on the manufacturer how much harsh chemicals they want to include in their brands. There is no rule that says only certain ingredients are allowed in shampoo. I really don’t see what your quizz can accopmlish.



Very good point. What is being marketed as hand soap can also be used as a shampoo or vice versa. I understand the clinic’s intention to alert people of chemicals in products we use, Skin is the largest organ in the human body and we are constantly exposing ourselves to toxins that not only cause hair loss but also cancer and other illness. There is nothing to stop manufacturers from putting into our shampoo chemicals that are typically used to clean floors. The bottom line is: we gotta know how to read the labels.


Avoiding certain ingredients in household products may help avoid getting cancer, but it is not going to get us our hair back. Don’t buy into the “all natural” pitch.


Over 75% of the guessed replies are wrong. Please try some more.

  1. People are getting bald at young age
  2. People are also getting heart diseases, cancer etc.
    As rigthly pointed out, our skin is the largest organ.
    The following slides show why it is important to know and understand ingredients in all toiletries etc.
    Let us know your feedback.


@Dr_A_s_Clinic This is old news, the SLS debate has been around for as long as the internet, till this date the American Cancer Society has not officially linked SLS to cancer.


@Dr_A_s_Clinic so are you going to provide answers to your quizz?



A= Liquid Hand Cleanser
B= Body Wash Soap
C= Floor Cleanser
D= Liquid Hand Cleanser
E= Mouth Wash


Please don’t mislead by giving partial information.
And if you know about sls then don’t waste time reading and commenting.
Intelligent readers can google the govt permissible limits and how those are exceeded by marketing techniques
Those desirous can google out the no poo movement initiated by hollywood celebrities voluntarily to protect their hair and health.
If on the other hand you are mnc troll, please feel free to argue so your real intentions are exposed.
Dr A


Dear readers,
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This minor change will help you save your self from harmful effects of ordinary counterparts.