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How does IHT 9 Hair Growth Treatment Shampoo work?


IHT 9 is a natural approach to stop hair loss. It contains rare Indian herbs known for their hair regrowing properties. In all conditions of baldness, the hair follicles either become weak because of undernourishment or stop producing hair. IHT 9 Shampoo intensively nourishes balding scalp and stimulate weak hair follicles which in turn starts (re)growing healthy hair without any side effects. The ayurvedic scalp cleansers and conditioner in the shampoo keeps hair healthy (infection free) and in good shape. The most significant property of IHT 9 Shampoo is that it does not interfere with harmonal balance (or imbalance) of your body. And therefore is the SAFEST remedy for hair regrowth. IHT 9, therefore, is the best hair loss treatment shampoo for men and women.

Another feature of IHT 9 Hair Shampoo is that one can continue to use it as a regular shampoo even after the successful treatment of the hair problem. Infact, 97% of its user continue using IHT 9 Shampoo.:slight_smile: