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Hoping for cure, checking hairsite..damn nothing..start again tomorrow


My sad life…


I know what u feel


ok. I hate it, damn I fucking hate it but here it is so what now?

there are only two choices :

  • carry on living what you’ve lived so fary

  • or just ignore it. fuck it all. who cares. I mean if you realize that there is no solution that would give you back your hair, then the only option is to ignore it, who the fuck cares about hair. well ok it might be nice but it definately is not worth a single minute of emotional pain. Fuck the hair!


If only it was easy like that but it isnt.


» If only it was easy like that but it isnt.

it is not, but keep thinking about it. there is no solution, right? so if you can to chose

  • not to care
  • or being depressed & anxious

for the rest of your life. is it still so hard choice? I know something inside you will start bringing up millions of reasons why not to care is not a good idea. but start reading this once again and again and again, there is no solution, only two options are the ones above. not to care or being anxious and depressed. …