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Historical Milestone! Hasson & Wong HD Video Fridays/Dr. Wong/3581 Grafts/One


Welcome to the latest update for “Hasson & Wong HD Video Fridays”. This update is an historical milestone that has never been achieved before. First, about this case…

This patient came to Dr. Wong with a singular goal. He wanted to no longer be bald and sought the help of Dr. Wong to accomplish this goal. In one session Dr. Wong and his team transplanted 3581 grafts to rebuild an age appropriate hairline and establish continuous coverage. The results shown are one year post-op.

Singles - 951
Doubles - 2440
3/4 - 190

Dr. Wong/3581 Grafts/One Session/One Year/Strip/HD VIDEO

Now, why is this update so important? Because this update commemorates the one year anniversary of Hasson & Wong HD Video Fridays! For three years now Hasson & Wong has standardized our video documentation in high definition format. Years ago we recognized that video was the next step for documenting quality final results but we quickly learned that standard definition just didn’t cut it when it comes to showing the details one would see in person and quite frankly it is my opinion that standard definition video is no better than photos.

In the past we would show a HD video of a patient’s results but we only would did every so often due to the efforts involved to get patients to allow video documentation. That, and the process of formatting HD video for the web was quite difficult. One year ago however we made some changes, bought some new software and refocused our efforts and priorities to increase the amount of documentation we could present. We challenged ourselves with the announcement of “Hasson & Wong HD Video Fridays” and it has continued to be a challenge ever since. I am very happy to say that our initial goal of one video every Friday for one full year has been achieved.

Some points to consider.

1.) No clinic has consistently shown video with detailed close ups of each hair and how it exits the scalp as well as show the hair being combed, styled, etc. To show a video of a result without detailed comb throughs simply negates the point of using video to begin with. Video is supposed to be used to give a presentation that one cannot get with photos and if the details that you would look for in person cannot be replicated then the video is useless.

2.) No clinic has updated on a weekly basis showing a new result via video, much less with HD video. I have not seen any other HD videos on the web showing a final result and any videos presented at all are only presented every so often and you only see the final hair “style” instead of anything resembling close scrutiny. Infomercial style videos certainly do not qualify either.

3.) To this day, three years after we adopted HD video, NO clinic has followed suit by using HD video to truly show the details of a result. This is important as it demonstrates our confidence and our track record and more than anything it demonstrates the greatest amount of transparency of any clinic on the web.

What does this mean? It means that when consistency is the #1 factor that patients should consider then Hasson & Wong has the most evidence of consistency available. We now have a grand total of 114 videos on our website of which 100 are in HD and we also have 105 patients documented with photos that do not use trick lighting.

Patient results videos… 86 Videos
Hot Topics… 1 video
Patient testimonials…15 Videos
Hair Transplant Procedure… 4 Videos
Tricophytic closures… 3 Videos
Pre/Post-0p…2 Videos
News & Interviews… 2 Videos
Streeters… 1 Video

Patient results photos…105 cases
Patient blogs linked from our homepage…74 with close to 100 more to be added shortly.

Hasson & Wong has set the standards for megasessions, dense packing, lateral slits, patient sharing and education, photographic documentation and now with video documentation. We are very proud of this latest accomplishment and look forward to continuing Hasson & Wong HD Video Fridays for as long as we possibly can. Eventually, we will miss one Friday or another due to whatever factors but we will continue to push out new HD video results as much as possible.


looks great - how come all clinics dont do that? even cheap cameras and camera phones come with video recording capabilities now.


» looks great - how come all clinics dont do that? even cheap cameras and
» camera phones come with video recording capabilities now.


This is true but using regular video found on a phone will be no better than blurry photos. Because all virtual consultations that come through the H&W website come directly to me I see all kinds of photos and I can say without a doubt that photos and video taken from a phone is usually almost useless. When one is sending in photos/video for medical evaluation they need to remember that their surgical assessment is at stake.

The same can be said for sharing results. Why share a result if one cannot see the details? When you look at the most common type of video used for showing HT results the only thing you can really see is the outline of where the work was performed and the overall change in volume only. You cannot see any single hairs and how they actually exit the scalp. That is huge because when you can only see the overall change vs. the details that changed then you are not seeing result that you would see in person. You cannot see if the hair direction and angle or if the scalp is affected (scarring) from all the incisions made.

HD cameras are so inexpensive now compared to even a year ago that any clinic using video now (very few) has no excuse for not making the switch. All we use for software is Adobe Premiere Elements and it costs 79.00 now for the newest version. Hell, with Windows 7 HD editing capability is built it!


Great work as always Joe. Good documentation with the video as well.

I just reread thru your story this morning Joe, it’s an inspiration, your hair today looks great.

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What is the historical milestone? using HD video or 3581 grafts in one session? Not trying to be a smart ass but it is not clear in your email.