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Histogen Hair Stimulating Complex News


Histogen received $6M in funding and formed license agreement with Pineworld Capital to develop and commercialize Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC). It looks like it will only be available in China , it didn’t say if they have plans to make this available in other countries.

“Through an exclusive license and supply agreement, Pineworld will focus on clinical development, registration, marketing and sales of the HSC injectable hair growth treatment in China. Under the terms of the license, Histogen will receive milestone payments, a transfer price on the product, and escalating royalties on future sales. Histogen will utilize its patented technology process to manufacture HSC for the China market.”



There is another article which basically talks about the same thing but with a clear before and after picture.

Has anyone seen this photo before?

“Histogen says image shows hair growth in a male subject after receiving 20 injections of 0.1cc HSC in thinning areas, with a repeat dose at 6 weeks.”

Here’s the link:


These pics look deceptive.

In the before pic the patient is facing almost straight ahead leaning slightly to the left. The part is almost down the middle.

In the after pic his part is on one side, he’s looking more downward and he’s looking dead-on straight ahead.

I think the change in how the hair is parted is having the biggest illusory effect.I don’t trust these pics. I’m almost always the optimist. But I don’t like these pics.


I agree. You can clearly see the angle is different. In second photo head is leaning a lot more forward. You can see improvement but nothing miraculous.