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Help with clinic decision

I am about to undergo a FUE treatment and have reached out to 5 clinics and heard back from four of them. They have received my pictures and heard my goals.
I have been following this board for many years but have never posted but now I really would like some opinions on which clinic to choose.

To make a long story short, I have had to previous strip procedures, the last was done at Dr A clinic. The first was done by another clinic that unfortunately left me with a bad scar. Dr A tried to do his best with the scar during the second procedure but I got infection in the two ends where the suture knots were, so had bad healing and scaring there.

Now I want two things:
1.) Use beard hair for disguising the scar.
2.) Carefully extract scalp FUE and get some density in the top and not overharvest the donor area. I hope for 1500 grafts from the scalp donor.

Due to the BHT requirement doctors/clinics are limited. I do not want to go to Dr’ A again, it’s simply too far to travel and I had a horrible journy last time and I would like to stay in Europe.

So far I have contacted the following clinics.
1.)Fue Hairline Clinic in Ankara/Istanbul
2.)HDC in Cyprus
3.)BHR Clinic Belgium
4.)Dr. Keser Ankara(Did not reply)
5.) DHI Global

What do you think about these, which one is the best in your opinion and is there another clinic that I should contact?

Kind regards

Can you upload some pictures? It is hard to offer any suggestions without seeing some pictures.

It wasn’t my intention to ask for people to asses my case, rather just an opinion on the clinics that I have mentioned and if there is any other clinic I should contact.

Hi HairExplorer:

Of course I would recommend you come to Dr. Cole’s clinic in Atlanta, GA. Since you mentioned, staying in Europe, I think you should consider Dr. Patrick Mwamba in Belgium.

Did Dr. A tell you what caused the infection? It’s strange that the infection occurred only on both ends of the strip scar and not in between. What do the scars look like after an infection? Pics?

Can you offer any details regarding the “horrible journey” to Dr. Arvind’s clinic?

I wss traveling from northern Europe, the flight time was estimated to approximately 10½ hours. I was flying to Istanbul and from there to New Delhi. The first part to Istanbul was fine. From Istanbul the trouble started, we were sitting in the plane on the runway for like two hours before starting the actual flight, the airline gave almost no information and generally the service was horrible. I had a tight schedule, from arrival in Delhi, there like 14 hours until my procedure, so I already had spent two of those, at the runway. After about 8 hours flight, we were closing in on Istanbul as I could see on the cabin flight screen, but then suddenly we started circling, nobody said anything but I could see we were circling and I could see that the distance left to Delhi was changing from 50 - 200 km. After circling 8 hours above Istanbul we were finally told that we had to go to another airport(at that time there was like 4 hours left to my procedure). We weren’t told which airport but just before we landed I saw that there now was 1500 km to Delhi…

I know new that I never would make it in time and I was scared that the whole trip was for nothing, I started to phone the clinic from the runway on the other airport(the one 1500 km south of Delhi) but I couldn’t get hold of anybody, I was really stressed, finally I managed to talk to someone and because Dr. A and his staff are such great people they did agree to do the procedure on a saturday(it should have been on a thursday), anyway at the end I got to Delhi, 16 hours later, and most of the hours were simply circling above Delhi(we couln’t land because of fog, as I found out after finally landing)…

Anyway, the procedure went fine, the city itself as not nice, a big cultural shock and I was screwed over by some taxi drive that took me into a shop which some people he worked together with owned, the were like 6-7 people working in the shop and they tried to force me to buy shirts for 500$ and I really was cornered in the shop, they didn’t want to let me go, unless I bought something, in the end I got so angry that I simply pushed the guys away and ran out of the shop. I was prepared for India and especially Delhi, but I was not expecting this poverty, it was not nice.

When I was going home and trust me, I was really looking forward to going home, my plane was cancelled after waiting for 14 hours in the airport, with pain from the procedure(remember I had strip done and the donor area hurt like beep), again no information, the signs in the airport just kept on saying delayed until after 14 hours it said cancelled, the airline didn’t have any information during that time, I went many times to ask for information. Finally I got on another plane and flew to Finland and from there home, this was not the original route but I just wanted to get out of there.

That was my horrible trip to Delhi :slight_smile:

I never really discussed it with Dr. A, at the begging I simply thought that there would be hair in the scar area later and that I simply experienced some shock loss. Here are a few pictures that show how the one side(the worst) looks and how it looks when the hairs isn’t combed to show the scar.

[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by HairExplorer[/postedby]

Now I want two things:
1.) Use beard hair for disguising the scar.


Well frankly I don’t see that happening - even if the beard hair does grow in the scar (which is doubtful) I don’t think I have ever seen a well camouflaged scar - except by micro-pigmentation and that has its own problems.

I do wish you luck. With regard to the Drs you mention - I did go to Dr Bisanga of BHR - but I didn’t have a procedure as he was wise and honest and ethical in telling me I wasn’t a viable candidate once he had inspected my hair.

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