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HDC Hair Clinic - 3000 FUE grafts – 0 - 13 months Hair Transplant Result - NW 3


Hi Everybody,

This patient who is a Norwood Class 3 and 31 years old had an FUE hair transplant surgery for Hairline and frontal third restoration with 3000 grafts at HDC Hair Clinic.

This FUE hair transplant surgery is presented in detail with before, immediately post op and 13 months photos after the surgery.

Note that the after photos were send to HDC from the patient who came for his surgery from Abroad.

It may be also useful to say that HDC is including the travel and accommodation cost in the offered price per graft.

Additionally HDC has released online its new updated website in the beginning of April 2017.

You can have a look on this link http://www.hairtransplants-hdc.com/




Immediately after

13 Months post op


Nice Result. He looks like a new man. Keep up the good work.