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HDC Hair Clinic – 2400 FUE Grafts Result - With Dr Christina


This is a Hair Transplant with FUE Technique to a 31-year-old patient that wanted to fill up his frontal area. In the beginning he wanted to lower the hairline but HDC Convinced him that the result will look more natural if he would not.

HDC Medical team with Dr Christina being responsible for this case, transplanted 2400 grafts as shown below. Higher density to front and joined the transplanted hair with his receding hair behind the hairline. You can see all the detail of the work done.

The result is 14 months after.


Immediately after

14 Months after


Too pluggy


Hello everybody,

I want add some comparison photos.

We also publish an interesting article on how to evaluate a hair transplant.

The article can be read at this link: https://www.hairtransplants-hdc.com/blog/item/hair-transplant-results-two-way-evaluation-recipient-and-donor?category_id=5