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Hasson & Wong HD Video Fridays/Dr. Wong/Dense Pack With 2811 Grafts/15 Months Po


This 45 year old patient came to see Dr. Wong in December, 2008. He asked for a reduction of the overall recession in his temples and for an increase in density in the frontal half of his scalp. 2811 grafts were placed in one session.

Singles - 746
Doubles - 1708
3/4’s - 357

H&W HD Video Fridays/Dr. Wong/2811 Grafts Dense Packed/ 15 Months/Strip

Also, in case any of you have not noticed, there is a full screen option on the bottom right of the video player. It scales quite well for large screen monitors and retains it’s fine detail.


Great work as always Joe!! :slight_smile:


» Great work as always Joe!! :slight_smile:

Much appreciated, Pats.


For those who prefer to watch the video in the forum, video now embedded in the post.

Click PLAY to watch: