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Hasson & Wong (Dr. Wong) - FUT 6918 grafts, 2 sessions, NW5 video


Hasson & Wong Hair Transplant, Vancouver Canada

Dr. Jerry Wong’s patient.
Technique - Strip, FUT
6918 grafts
Norwood 5 patient.

Another megasession FUT strip hair transplant result from Hasson & Wong. The procedure was performed by Dr. Jerry Wong on a Norwood class 5 patient. After 2 sessions with a combined total of 6918 grafts, this patient has coverage on almost every part of his scalp.

The final result is very natural. In the video, the patient has combed his hair back to expose the hairline so you can tell how natural the hairline is, no plugs or any signs that this is a hair transplant.

In addition, the video also shows a comb brushing through the entire donor site, there is no visible sign of a large strip scar.

Hasson & Wong is presently a top 3 hair transplant clinic on HairSite according to our patient result statistics.

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