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Hasson & Wong - Dr. Hasson 3160 grafts FUT + plugs repair, 1 session


Hasson & Wong hair tranpslant, Vancouver, Canada

Dr. Victor Hasson’s patient
Technique = FUT / Strip
3160 grafts
Repair case. - Plugs repair.

This patient had FUE done at another clinic. The work was not satisfactory. Hairline was placed too low and temples closed. Grafts were pluggy and angled improperly. In addition, donor site was harvested using a punch that is too large, leaving unsightly scars and a depleted donor site.

This video shows a brilliant repair procedure performed by Dr. Victor Hasson. Plugs were removed and redistributed with a near undetectable hairline that allows the patient to brush his hair back with no signs of scars.

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