Hasson & Wong 6048 grafts FUE hair transplant, 10 months NW5

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Dr. Hasson’s patient
Extensive baldness
Norwood class 5
6048 FUE grafts
10 months post op

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This patient in his mid-30s was spending more & more time trying to style his hair to conceal the areas of weakness. Eventually wearing hats to hide his balding scalp became the norm and he became increasingly more determined to find a solution to eliminate the need for frequently wearing a hat.

He didn’t know a lot about hair transplants so he did a Google search & found Hasson & Wong. About this time a few years before his actual procedure, he submitted photos through our online consultation form to get an idea if he was a good candidate and what it may take to achieve his goals. Once he was close to ready to take the next step, he set up an in house consultation with Dr. Hasson for a more thorough evaluation as to what might be possible.

When he met with Dr. Hasson he shared his expectations and given his donor area and the area to cover, Dr. Hasson felt he could deliver on his goals. FUE was his preference & Dr. Hasson agreed the FUE method of extraction would be a good choice given all the factors associated with his case.

A larger than average session of 5,000 or more grafts would be required as the area to address was fairly large. It was determined that closer to 6,000 grafts would be possible & enough to successfully reach his goals. In the end, 6,048 grafts via FUE were harvested. This number enabled Dr. Hasson to achieve his standard of very good density in the hairline and frontal zone while slightly decreasing the density as he moved back into the mid-scalp.

For the crown, a lighter cover was possible & the end result was remarkable coverage on a stage 5-6, not as easy feat. These photos were taken 10 months post-op from his FUE mega session performed over two consecutive days

Free consultation - email info@hassonandwong.com