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Hasson & Wong - 5849 graftsFUT + FUE combo - 2 sessions

Hasson & Wong hair transplant testimonials.

Norwegian patient in his mid 30s first started noticing signs of hair loss at the age of 18.

Before coming to Hasson & Wong, this patient had a 500 grafts FUE in a local clinic in Norway. Unfortunately, the results were sub-standard leaving patient with pluggy hairline, poorly executed temples closure, incorrect graft angulation and unnatural results overall.

It took a total of two hair transplant surgeries to achieve the patient’s desired results. The first session was performed in 2014 using the FUT technique, while the second was a combined FUT/FUE procedure in 2017. During the first surgery, Dr Wong and his team managed to harvest 3501 grafts – 1167 of which were singles, 2114 doubles and 220 multi-hair grafts. During the second, the patient yielded 2348 grafts – 1654 of which were singles and 512 doubles. The grafts were transplanted to his hairline and temple points.

Total of 5849 grafts, combination of Strip and FUE over 2 sessions.

See video for his results.

To learn more about this result or other cutting edge hair restoration work at Hasson & Wong, visit www.hassonandwong.com or email info@hassonandwong.com