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Has Ballonman had 5000 BHT\'s?


Ballonman (used to be “notanewbie” here at hairsite) is featured in this webpage for GHI, http://www.globalhairinstitute.com/Patient.asp?patientid=18

THis verbiage follows the text:

Hair Replacement Success

5470 Scalp and Body Hair Grafts
Increase Density Behind the Hair Line
252 GHI FUE - Scalp Grafts
5218 GHI BHT - Body Hair Grafts
Before Photos 7 Months After

I find this pretty hard to believe. If Body hair grafts grew as well as the depiction in those photos, everybody would be getting them. If this is a web-“mistake”, this clinic needs to change it. If its not, its the best body hair result Ive ever seen. Which is it?


I think it’s a mistake.
Or what we are seeing is the result of his head hair HT.
He claims his BHT didn’t grow on another forum.
He also believes that BHT (if it grows at all) will die after a year no matter who performs it.

He and I have had conflict on another board but I must say…
His hair looks great to me.

Hopefully I did not mis-represent his views.

Enjoy all that hair and peace to you.

P.S. My BHT is growing well. Just about one year now.


Sofar is correct.

Ballonman says his BHT did not grow well. He is very intense with how he feels about HT procedures.

Sofar has good growth from his BHT. We don’t know why. Some people just get great results. Unfortunately a significant amount of persons have not. And there are several clinics that are saying… "Here are examples of great BHT results when in fact they are mixtures of scalp and body transplanted.

I am not saying that GHI does this. I cannot speak about them because I don’t know them. What I do know about them is good. But there other clinics that do this type of marketing.

I have deep seated feelings about BHT… Sort of a set of rules I drew in my own mind about BHT because I was directly involved in transplanting thousands and thousands of BHT’s over about a 3-4 year period.


Thanks guys, I thought that must be a “mistake” on GHI’s part. At least thats what I hope it is.

I disagree profoundly with Ballonman thinking BHT’s grow one year and fall out. Scientist, Timetested,Pharoboy and a few others have not been on these forums complaining that their BHT hair is hitting the floor. Its biggest liability is that it cannot be placed very close together as Cole has demonstrated and produce a big yield.

The Korean body hair study is available online (Stephen Foote has posted it). It even had some pictures. All it has shown is that body hair can be moved from one locale of the body to another and the body hair will keep the SAME CIRCUMFERENCE, but it might grow either LONGER OR SHORTER in the new locale. Thats it. As far as it “taking on head hair characetistics”, minoxidil might make it a tad wider, but on its own that is not what the Korean scientists found out. Back in the eighties when Jahoda moved a head hair to his then-wife-Amanda Reynolds arm, she had a THICK unusual, yet short hair growing on her arm. It was his head hair still THICK, but not longer than her other arm hair. So if someone has baby fine body hair, they are probably in for a big dissapointment.

I have no idea on what basis Ballonman believes BHT’s will fall out after one year-------------------that quite frankly is ridiculous. I know Ballonman used to feel that Cole’s 1 mm punch caused too much scar tissue in the donor area and would lead to big white dots, and that he does not like Cole personally, but other than criticizing Cole’s doing BHT’s I cannot figure out why he is stating that. I wont believe it unless we get some of the old guys who tried it coming back on here stating that their BHT’s are hitting the floor and not regrowing.

Thomans, I have a feeling that are probably some other hormones in the skin that supress BHT’s in the scalp of some people and/or the excessive collagen deposition and capillary damage/lack of oxygen in many men’s balding scalps do not support their growth very well. I wonder “how deep” the dermal papilla’s of BHT’s dive in the dermis for their anagen phase? If its not as deep as head hair, the top layers of the epidermis up there may not support that kind of hair in some guys also.

Id say that in about 2 more years, we will really know for certain about BHT’s in general. There was a Cole patient who got a head full of BHT’s (horseshoe bald guy) but never has posted and never has had any updates at all. He had a beard. Ive always wondered about his result.


I wouldn’t expect anything but carnage from strip surgery but I think it’s unfair to criticize BHT because it is still an experimental procedure for all but 1-2 docs in the world.Docs who don’t know what they are doing give BHT a bad name.
I highly doubt the result would suck if you went to someone like Woods who has been doing this for years.


Damon you are absolutely correct.