Hard to believe but Stemson seems to be the real deal

Stem Cell Manufacturer Highlights “Catch 22” on Automation (genengnews.com)

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More money for Stemson

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Thanks for sharing. This is good news, it is backed by Abbvie, supposed to be a very reputable company in biotech, I know because I own shares in Abbvie :slight_smile:

Also good news that Stemson is a pure play in hair regeneration, I think, based on the following in the artilce.

“Stemson Therapeutics is a pre-clinical stage cell therapy company founded in 2018 with a mission to cure hair loss by leveraging the regenerative power of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. Based on the breakthrough innovation by Stemson Therapeutics co-founder, Dr. Alexey Terskikh, Stemson uses iPSC to regenerate the critical cells required to grow hair and which are damaged or depleted in patients suffering from hair loss. The iPSC-derived cells are used to grow de novo hair follicles, offering a new supply of hair to treat people suffering from various forms of Alopecia”

@superhl not sure if Stemson is the real deal or not but most likely our only hope now that Histogen has thrown in the towel and Tsuji has pretty much ruined his reputation in the business.

One thing good about Stemson is that unlike Histogen that tries to push multiple product lines at the same time whether related to hair or not, Stemson only focuses on hair regeneration and nothing else. So do it or die for Stemson.

BTW, UK is not necessarily bad for us, was it Roger (or maybe another poster) who said UK might have relaxed their regulations substantially these days due to Brexit? I can totally see that being the case.

Remember it wasn’t that long ago when someone posted about doctors in the UK selling certain “stem cell” cures for 2000 british pounds a pop with the possibility of a 30-40% regrowth? Maybe it is true that UK authorities have indeed relaxed their regulations there given that doctors are already selling these “stem cell” cures so shamelessly.

I hope Stemson is the real deal but isn’t it odd that none of the top executives is a medical doctor? They have plenty of PhDs alrright but not a single doctor on payroll? Don’t we need a doctor of some sort to be involved in this type of research?

Let’s not forget the famous researcher Dr. Angela Christiano is a Phd herself and not a medical doctor. I think your concerns are ill founded.

@Omar what you said isn’t even true. Are you even looking at the same company we are?

Stemson’s roster is stellar. They have one combined MD-PhD and 3 other MDs on their medical advisory board. In addition they have David Sachs, MD listed as a partner, he’s one of the leading global experts in transplant immunology. He’s so well known I’ve heard of him even before Stemson.

I wonder how long can $15M in funding last them. I don’t know how many people are on their payroll , it’s probably safe to assume that they can burn $1M a year in payroll easily. Then there is rent, equipment, materials to consider.

Who else is still in the race? Any news on Follica?

Sorry , guess I got this wrong. I was looking at this page below, I only looked at the top half of the page, didn’t know that I needed to scroll down for more.