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Happy Valentine\'s day

» Needless to say, the bald ones (Agassi, Edwards, Zane) will be picked
» last,
» » Who do you think the most attractive women are first going to approach
» » without knowing anything about these men beforehand:
» »
» » - Patrick Dempsey
» » - Michael Stipe
» » - George Clooney
» » - Andre Aggasi
» » - Leonardo Dicaprio
» » - Anthony Edwards
» » - Tom Cruise
» » - Billy Zane

you must be joking…Agassi, multi millionaire the guy has almost brad pitt looks minus the hair, ur saying he would be picked last? they would pick 5.2" Tom cruise scientoligist? over him? LOL

» It’s all about money. Confidence, looks, personality are all secondary. If
» you have money , women will come.
» Look at all the playboy playmates who are living with Hugh, do you think
» the girls will continue to stay by his side if he lost all his money ?

I agree with you, when it comes to the most attractive women, it’s is all about money first. Confidence, looks, and personality are second. it happens everywhere in every society. Anna Nicole Smith married billionaire J. Howard Marshall. the guy looked like a tired version of Skeletor.

i have a friend who is is cardiologist and is thinning pretty bad. he tells me that if at a social event, just about all of the super attractive women won’t approach him first unless if they are introduced to him or already know him. on the other hand, i have a buddy who is unemployed (currently 6th year undergraduate student) but looks good with Alec Baldwin hair. this guy always picks up the most attractive women. most of his relationships don’t always last, because of his career status, etc… but, he sleeps with so many attractive women just because of his good looks. many of the girls use him as a toy - they buy him things, etc. he doesn’t care. even the guys dad looks good for being 60. he’ll coast through life sleeping with the most attractive women. his good looks helped shape his personality. my bald cardiologist friend is currently dating an attractive woman, but she was introduced to him by a mutual friend after she found about his biodata - career, etc…

Agassi is bald. He wore a hairpiece for many years before he went public with his shiny bald head.

» Agassi is bald. He wore a hairpiece for many years before he went public
» with his shiny bald head.


I know hes bald, im not blind, but before he started thinning he had great hair, and he DID NOT wear a piece

bald as a cueball, I dont think women would kick the guy out of bed for eating crackers,

the whole post is absurd anyway

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