Hairtech... On the variety of Post-op Products out there

Does anyone have any hard data of the post-op shampoos, sprays, gels, etc.? I mean in terms of comparing them, the different healing times that the products are providing? Any issues. Any product that stands out?

This thread topic was also posted on a similar site and it seems that there aren’t many opinions in this area but I hope there is more feedback here. I will post the opinions I got from the other site later but I would like to hear physician opinions also… and am curious to hear from Umash, (sp) sorry Umars, Woods, Armani, etc.

Below are products of some clinics and is from the other site:


You seem to disagree often without thought.

Falc. Not without thought. It took you two weeks to reply and that tells me much about what sorts of thought processes you have. You are missing my point everytime. I am not being arrogant in in that your reply (in my opinion)was definitely without “thought” on the initial reply to the beginning of this thread. Doctors send patients home with post-op care products for reasons that they believe in. Remember… they are doctors, and maybe their medical knowledge of human physiology makes them what they are… doctors. Maybe aloe, isn’t enough. Anyway…

Since everyone gave their opinion I want to give some input that other clinics do and see what you guys think.

Jon Devroye in Belgium has an intersting post op care practice. He makes the patient spray the grafted area every 20 minutes for 24 hours. No matter how tired the patient gets, he/she must continue to spray. And Devroye only uses saline. I think it is to keep the grafts hydrated.

Bosley… kind of scary here, but it is what they do. They ask that the patient not was the head for three days. And after that they can use head and shoulders or one of their own follicle sprays. The point is, they want the head to be dry post op period.

PAI uses graftcyte but in an interesting way. After the surgery and right before they leave, they spray graftcyte onto the recipient area, and then use a cool hair dryer which freezes or fixes the graftcye like hairspray. The grafts are kind of glued in, if you will.

Cole uses Haircycle, which is a biotin based spray similar to graftcyte but only in the way it is packaged. It was created by Truett Bridges, MD. The recipient area is sprayed once per hour for multiple days.

Cooley uses graftcyte.

Rose uses Saline.

Harris brings the patient back for an initial wash but does not use post op products.

MHR uses folligen spray. I think that is a proprietary formulation. I believe they also dont want to wash the head for a day or two.

I have not seen the graftcyte compress in a couple of years.

“The combination of shampoo, conditioner, cold compress, and concentrated spray reduced post-op redness and in general promoted over-all healing in the donor and recipient areas”


You bring up an interesting point and I have also seen similar results with haircycle concerning post-op redness, etc.

I wish we could get hard data or start a thread and bring patients reviews of products used. We cannot say that nothing works until we get more feedback. What are your thoughts?

» The reason you are not seeing very much data are for two reasons. First, the post-op products are not medications nor classified by the FDA as such so the manufacturers are not going to conduct clinical trials. As you already know, most of them contain inactive ingredients that are herbal based and vitamin enriched.

The exception is Graftcyte because the active ingredient is copper-peptide which has in fact demonstrated advancement in the healing process, and not only within the cosmetic field of medicine. That’s why I believe most docs are recommending copper-peptide enriched products.

But hey, if you’re doing more research, keep us in the loop! Good thread.