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Hairsite, Please Remove this Post



Thanks Swoosh for pointing that out.


» Is this guy pulling my f*cking leg, or is he really on to something?
» Breakthrough made in fighting hair loss treatmentTAIPEI, Taiwan –
» June 3, 2009
» Those with thinning hair can rejoice at the news of breakthrough research
» conducted by the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the National Taiwan
» University. Assistant Professor Lin Song-ran, through the help of
» biomedical technology, was able to successfully cultivate tens of millions
» of follicular cells, crucial to the regeneration and implantation of hair,
» reported local media.
» The study was not only published in the Journal of Biomaterial
» Applications, a leading tissue engineering publication, but was also
» honored with the “Award for Junior Research Investigators” by the Academia
» Sinica, said school officials.
» According to Lin, the human body has approximately 100 to 150 hair
» follicles, which, with age, undergo a process of follicular miniaturization
» that eventually leads to hair loss.
» Generating and cloning hair is not an easy feat, and most research
» conducted abroad has yet to see concrete results, said the award winner.
» In the latest study led by Lin, hair follicles from rats were extracted
» and placed in an in vitro culture that produced 8 to 10 million dermal
» papilla cells in 20 days.
» One follicular unit carrying 300 to 500 of these cells is then combined
» with the rodent’s epidermal cells and re-implanted into the animal’s
» epidermis.
» The dermal papilla cells will undergo follicular morphogenesis, or
» formation of the follicle, to trigger the growth of hair, remarked Lin.
» Lin expects to move from animal testing to in vivo clinical trials in
» humans, added media reports.
» Wong Chi-huey, president of the Academia Sinica, applauded the
» unprecedented efforts and performance of this study and extended his hope
» that the pioneering team will further excel in their field.
» This was the fourteenth year that the Academia Sinica acknowledged
» accomplishments by junior researchers.
» The judging panel selected winners out of an applicant pool of 155 for 15
» categories.
» Winning teams were given medals of distinction and prizes of NT$500,000.
» Source: China Post
» http://www.chinapost.com.tw/health/other/2009/06/03/210641/Breakthrough-made.htm

I think it’s the same as this guy:


The one thing that did catch my attention from the other article is this:

Lin has also taken human hair follicles and conducted similar experiments, successfully growing hair on the skin of rodents. In future, he hopes to be able to control the size and color of hair grown.

“Hair that is too thick or thin will not do,” Lin said. “If hair color can be controlled, it will be possible to transplant white or even blond hair.”

Sounds like the same thing ICX and Aderans are trying. But there’s no FDA in China, so if they can find the right formula, I may be going on vacation to Hong Kong in the future :wink: