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Hairsite fairytale


Once upon a time, there was a kingdom called hair-cloning in gho era.

Every baldies looked upon the king gho and kept their hopes up on the magical theory - “within 5 years”.

However, within 5 years, they distroyed hair-cloning kingdom and then built a new kingdom called hair-multiplication in ICT-ADR era.

Although there was one guy called nathan defending the castle of hair-multiplication, the goods once again failed to prove magical theory within 5 years.

Yes, the devils once again won, and King Kemp is currently being chased off by the devils called MPB.

As of now, the kingdom enters era called follica. In this era, some baldies start not to believe magics and the theory within 5 years.

continue on for me lol

so, can we finish this story with

everyone in kingdom hairsite lived happily ever after?