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Hair Upload Clinic in Turkey with Dr.Erkam Caymaz 5200 Graft - 10 Months Process

Hello guys, i am sharing my story now. I hope that will hep your decision.
I was in contact with Doctor Erkam CAYMAZ for about 1 year. He said that I would definitely need two sessions and my results would not be very good after hair transplantation, but hopefully, if the grafts are good, the results will definitely be better than this. He told me not to lose hope anyway and keep it high.
I never lost my hope either. My expectations were not high, I was saying enough to get rid of full baldness.
And now 10 months have passed and I am sharing my results with you.
Dr. Erkam CAYMAZ - Hair Upload Clinic
5200 grafts were transplanted to me. Dr. Caymaz opened my hair channels with the Safir Fue technique.
I don’t think you will believe my results right now. I am extremely pleased, maybe I can do the operation to more density the crown area in the future, but it is not very important for me.
Also, Dr. Erkam was very surprised by my results. :slight_smile: He said that I did not have such a good expectation. I recommend Dr. Erkam CAYMAZ and Hair Upload Clinic to everyone.
Thank you so much.

You can see my last result last photos. I am so happy. Thanks. Dr.Erkam CAYMAZ and Hair Upload Team in Istanbul.

can you show a pic of the top of your head?

You planning to get a second procedure? It still looks thin behind the hairline.

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