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Hair transplantation in turkey


Why choose Turkey for Hair Transplantation ?
Gradually, much more patients who live in Europe and Middle East prefer to be treated in Turkey. This process which begins with laser eye surgeries has been continuing to increase with the addition of aesthetic plastic surgeries.

Why Turkey?
Physcians accredited from international accreditation organizations don’t have difficulties in performing their professions, even they force for breakthroughs.

Why do you have to pay for the same standardized medical treatment?
In Turkey, the hair transplantation costs are nearly half of the costs in other leading countries. Even most of the clinics include hotel and transfer payments to the cost of the procedure. We are inviting you as our guest to Turkiye both for introducing a new country and hair transplantation.It is important to chek on the clinic whether it is internationally standardized or not. In the near future I will give you more information on this matter.

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