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Hair Transplant Open House (seminar) Jan 2011 (Dr. A\'s Clinic)


We hold a Free Open House seminar on the last saturday of every month.
Prospective patients can visit and interact with volunteer past patients of the clinic.

This month’s Open House is on 29 Jan 2011.

Pictures and video to follow.


Dr. A,

  how about doing some pioneering research into PRP + Acell + stem cells.  Have you listened to the interview by Dr. Hitzig.  How about giving the man a call or sending him an email message and getting involved in the research.  Dr. Hitzig sounds like an honest and genuine fellow and I'm sure he'd be glad to hear from you.

Please click the Play button to listen to the interview with Dr. Hitzig :








I forgot to mention, the above are pictures of the forum member Hairlove who visited the Open house seminar of Jan 2011 and was gracious enough to meet and share his experiences with other prospective hair transplant patients.

His personal update is available at http://www.hairsite.com/hair-loss/board_entry-id-77602.html


I 100% agree, Acell probably would have added a lot to even that guys dense hairline and maybe even had allowed for hair to grow where the closure was made.