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Hair transplant nightmare in the US - 17 surgeries horror story


From hair transplant NIGHTMARE in the US to extreme repair SUCCESS story in Australia under the hands of Dr. Ray Woods. Click video below to watch.

People who are victims of bad hair transplant work can now have a chance to return to normalcy thanks to world class repair sessions at Dr. Ray Woods’ clinic. the inventor of FUE and BHT techniques in hair transplantation.

The patient in this video is one of the most extensive repair cases featured on HairSite. He had undergone over 17 hair transplant surgeries in the US over a 14 year period leaving him with extensive and severe damage, including but not limited to scalp reductions, scalp flap surgeries, multiple strip surgeries and even punch grafts.

With his donor site severely depleted, he contacted Dr. Ray Woods in Australia after hearing of the FUE inventor’s development of BHT or Body Hair Transplant. With BHT technique, Dr. Ray Woods is able to use body hair from chest and even beard as donor for badly scarred hair transplant patients.

Dr. Ray Woods hope to inform and educate others whom lives have been affected by outdated “hair restoration” methods and thanks his patient for sharing his story with you.

In a desperate attempt to hide a large scalp reduction scar, the patient had the area tattooed, which over time dissipated and turn blue on his scalp.

Further shock fallout from surgery left the scar even more exposed, leaving the patient no option but to wear a hat or wig.

Also, severe damage to the patient’s scalp blood vessels affected blood circulation, causing extensive and permanent hair loss.

Using his “BHT body hair transplant” method, Dr. Ray Woods extracted the patient’s Neck Beard hair to repair the damage and recreate a natural and permanent hairline which few would think possible for this patient.

Throughout the repair process, 4000 Beard hair and 1000 chest hair grafts were used as Donor hairs for this patient’s extreme repair session. Every graft extracted and replanted was performed by Dr. Ray Woods, inventor of FUE and BHT.

The patient’s beard and chest donor sites are pristine and flawless, no signs of extraction ever performed.

To learn more, contact Dr. Ray Woods’ clinic at admin@thewoodstechnique.com or call +612 9560 0111 (Australia) or visit http://woodstechnique.com.au/


tragic !


He still has a full beard even after having 4000 taken out, what are the chances that beard can actually regenerate and we never know about that???