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Hair Transplant FUE - Post Operation Healing Time - HDC Hair Clinic


Hello Everybody,

Through the many years of our presence in the Hair transplant industry one of the main concerns of potential patients, is their cosmetic look immediately post op and the few days after that.

Patients what to plan their surgery at a time that can take a few days off work. Despite the fact that healing time can differ from person to person, on average one week from start to finish should be enough.

At HDC we request our patients to stay with us for 3-4 days after the procedure finishes, providing them with our custom made post op care.

By providing that, we have noticed that the healing accelerates and have concluded that up to 7 days post op, patients return to an acceptable cosmetic look.

For a detailed up to the 7th day post op, day by day illustration with photos, CLICK HERE