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Hair Transplant for Diabetics Patients

FUE is considered the leading procedure of transplant, which is technically a procedure of grafting. It contains no pain and there is no blood loss. This type of transplant is taken place by the strips method, so there is no harm. There are also no stitches and cutting in skin. Technically there are no side effects of this procedure. But this procedure can take up to 6 hours.

You need to keep in mind that before going through the FUE procedure, blood sugar level should be normal at least 1 day before go for procedure and it should have been under control least 7 days after the procedure.

The patients who are trying to control their diabetes level with exercise, food or medication/insulin should keep in mind that after going through the procedure it may not be controllable for five to seven days.

PRP procedure is actually a procedure of injecting growth factors of your blood in hair transplant. You must have known that human blood consists of two elements, one is called red blood cells and other is called plasma, which took part in growth of body parts.

PRP method is commonly used to other healthcare issues like skin treatment and arthritis etc. This procedure involves taking blood from any body part and then put that blood into a machine so that red blood cells and plasma can be separated. After separating the plasma from blood, it injects into the roots to create more growth. This is not a lengthy procedure, it normally takes ½ hours to complete. There are no risks involved in this procedure because it has just a pain of being injected, which seldom doesn’t feel because of use of ice cubes and such things.

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