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Hair transplant, do you tell your friends & families?


Hair transplant; do you tell your friends & families? This is by far one of the biggest decisions or dilemma facing every hair transplant patient.

It doesn’t matter how much you paid for your hair transplant surgery, doesn’t matter which clinic you go to and whether you are male or female, virtually all hair transplant patients has to make this decision; to tell or to hide.

Here’s an interesting video about one patient’s decision as to whether to tell his friends, families, co-workers about his hair transplant surgery.

Watch how he handles this dilemma after his hair transplant procedure with Hasson & Wong.


I personally only tell my family, and my best friend. I do not feel that it is anyone else’s business what i choose to do, and the only reason i tell those aforementioned above is because of the immediate swelling, etc. that takes place.


In my own experience if your transplant is a success you don’t mind to talk about it with friends, but if you have received a shitty transplant then the patient will refuse to talk about it with friends and will discuss his problem mainly with close family only.


I think the question is more about what you do immediately after the surgery? Do you come clean and tell all your friends and families from the beginning or do you hide for a few weeks after surgery until your head looks normal again before you go out in public.


It depends on how you look immediately after the procedure, some doctors can be extremely delicate during the procedure which will allow you to appear almost “normal” from the day after the procedure, so you can simply say that you buzzed your hair down and most of people will believe it without more questions.