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Hair Cubed VS Toppik VSDerma match ... the fight?


I want to let you know the differences of the most popular products in the market for people with hair loss or thinning hair like me because I’ve tried everything when I mean everything I mean anything to make my confidence back. The video that am doing today is to talk about 3 different products I would like to mention that we do not have interest in these companies, so this is just to help you work thru thinning hair. We have 3 different products. That you can camouflage, you’re thinning hair areas. So let’s start with our
1st product Hair Cubed is considered one of the most expensive in the market. But at the same time it is a product that you can’t count on because it’s made with Organic ingredients. That attaches to every strand of my hair very easy to use all you need to do is spray and brush. And also style as you wish, it can resist from water and perspiration and it’s organic. They offer 11 shade, each can last approximate. 2-5 months the only down side of it it’s a little over my budget and comes in one size but like I said before anything to gain my confidence back. Now let’s start with

2nd product Toppik, it’s a powdery product almost like dust fibers. It comes in a few different sizes. It appears as if it bonds to your hair creating a dark density to cover your bald spots or thinning hair. the only problem with toppik is that it sometimes a little messy and leaves spots on my scalp and in summer when it’s hot and you sweat it comes off and if you don’t shower daily when using the product it blocks the roots from breathing it can be very helpful but be aware one you apply make sure you wash it off. So now our

3rd Product, Derma match comes as a paint color disk. It comes in 8 colors. It camouflages’ the scalp so the difference between a hair color and the color of the scalp is less noticeable there for the color doesn’t shine or the light doesn’t reflect upon the scalp so the hair and the scalp match. The down side about derma match is that the product has to be removed daily so your pores can breath.
So now let me rate these products Hair CubedI definitely think it’s a good product but a bit expensive 4.8 stars, our 2nd product which is toppik I give 2.9 stars because it leaves spots on my scalp and it’s not water proof, and our final product derma match is 2.5 stars because after all it is a paint disk.


Have you tried Nanogen Hair Fibers


I can rate all products am going to start with the worst product, which to me it’s TOPPIK Its stains, leaves spots after 2 or 3 hours, and comes off when you sweat listen to my bad experience. It’s messy it’s a salt shaker what you do you expect? Last summer I went on a blind date to my nightmare I decided to take her to the beach for a Walk and Ice Cream On the boardwalk, It was me, her and Mr. TOPPIK :expressionless: everything was nice until toppik came in to the picture, apparently he didn’t like the humidity. So as I said something about her first time doing blind dates. she started giggling and I was so sure that I was going to get lucky tonight since we were having a good time. After a few seconds I noticed she was looking at me weird. And then I felt a black drop running thru my forehead and ruin my blind date experience. Ever since then she never pick my calls THANK FOR NOTHING MR. TOPPIK! :angry: So one thing I have to say the 2.9 rate that you gave toppik I would keep but definitely put mines -2.9 on it.
Now derma match I heard it’s a joke so there’s nothing to talk about or rate it. So will see about Hair Cubed I just ordered one and should arrive and I will keep you updated on Hair Cubed.


This is a FAKE post started by Marct77 & Shawn, 2 posters with the same login credentials.


Double poster or not,I feel your pain Shawn. Thats AWEFUL that you had such a humiliating date at the beach. It really sucks that hairloss isnt being treated like an epidemic,serious disease. Hairloss ruins so many peoples lives and should be taken serious as cancer. Good luck with the HairCubed. It sounds like a good product,better than Toppik perhaps. Regards, J


@Yes Khalil I am a regular user of Nanogen and given their organic keratin base and a full range of products i think they are the best in market


I do not like Dermmatch, unless they have a new formula now, the paste I used before was very difficult to apply, a lot of my own hair fell out when I rub that paste onto my head. I have never tried hair cubed before, is it worth trying?


I am currently using Hair Cubed. Product works just fine and does the job. Not sure about Toppik or Derma… haven’t tried them.


Hair Cubed is a lil pricie… I agree. But my can has seemed to last me 2-5 months. Way longer than I expected so I believe all in all it’s worth it :smiley:


I am a senior in college who has recently started balding. All of the men in my family have started losing hair early, so it’s natural that I have started losing my hair too. One day I came across Hair Cubed online and thought I would try it. I accidentally purchased the wrong color for my hair, but with the product’s 30-day money back guarantee, I was able to return it and get the right color almost immediately. All I can say is that I love it! It’s quick, easy to use, and I look great! I am so much happier now that I have a full head of hair!


How did your can last u 2-5 months? It either lasted you 2, 3, 4 or 5 months. You should know instead of making it sound like you think it would last you.


According to me this comparison is incomplete as Nanogen which is more superior than all above products, is not considered. When I say superior, I mean that Nanogen hair building fibre gives most natural looking hair as it is made of keratin fibre, easy to apply, available in almost 10 different color shades, waterproof, does not glow in bright lights. So for me Nanogen is way more better hair building fibre product than other.