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Hair Care Post Hair Transplant Treatment


Hair Care Post Hair Transplant Treatment copy

Hair transplant is like any cosmetic procedure is a sensitive process, so before taking it one must go through every thick and thin it involves and make sure to get under the hands of a skilled surgeon like Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S., MC.H.). The most important part of any surgery is the post-operative care instructions, responsible for best results.

Here is a list of important points one should follow for desired results:
• Terminate any medication course you were taking before this surgery, except the surgeon prescribed for few days after the procedure. Do discuss it with your doctor during your consultation.

• For straight 7 days or more stop taking alcohol as it may lead to blood thinning and to bleeding. Your surgeon will prescribe you with some painkillers which aren’t to be taken with alcohol as it may lead to severe drowsiness and even coma.

• Do not bend or lean after the procedure for 7 days minimum, and keep your head elevated for at least 48 hours, even while sleeping to avoid or prevent any swelling on the fore-head.

• Avoid any rigorous activities post procedure like- gymming, running, aerobics, or any sports activity like- basketball, foot ball, cricket, etc. for at least 3 days post procedure. These activities can lead to bleeding, swelling or other complications like loss of grafts, etc.

• Do not apply water on the transplanted area, as it may itch after hair transplant surgery so avoid any itching or scratching. It will subside gradually if cleaning procedure is followed as suggested by the doctor.

Following all the above listed instructions will give you satisfactory results and above all, choosing the best hair transplant clinic is important. Dezire Clinic is known for its results and patient-care. Here you will find well qualified plastic surgeons like Dr. Prashant Yadav and his experienced and expert assisting staff. Any cosmetic procedure just requires a little care and precautions and following this will help you to recover fast and it will yield best results.


Hair care Post hair Transplant Do not consume alcohol,Abstain from smoking, Do not take

aspirin, Shampoo your scalp very gently, wear a hat in strong sunlight.